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Brad Singer is the owner and founder of Brad Singer Law.  His law firm is devoted to collecting commercial debts and enforcing unsatisfied judgments in Florida and nationally. For nearly 20 years, Brad has helped creditors collect accounts receivable and improve cash flow.

As an attorney dedicated to holding people accountable for their commercial debts, clients refer to Brad as a “Pit Bull” when it comes to B2B collections. Having a “Pit Bull” on your side is particularly important in a debtor-friendly state like Florida.

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Commercial Collections

You work hard to provide excellent products and services to your customers. However, thousands of businesses struggle with cash flow when their customers do not pay. At Brad Singer Law, we assist businesses with improving cash flow by collecting accounts receivable and business debts in Florida and nationally.

When you become a client of Brad Singer Law, our Founder Bradley A. Singer, Esq. will schedule a telephone or video conference with you. We will discuss your products and services, cash flow challenges and procedures for collecting accounts receivable and debts. Mr. Singer will hold semi-annual conferences with you to discuss any changes in your business.

Judgment Enforcement

When you win a civil lawsuit, a court issues a judgment, which is a written order for a business or individual to pay you a certain amount of money. However, you are responsible for collecting the money awarded in the judgment. In the United States, over 80% of civil judgments go uncollected. At Brad Singer Law, we believe this number is unacceptable.

Our firm’s mission is to hold judgment debtors accountable through judgment enforcement and collection. We do this by going beyond traditional collection methods and uncovering hidden assets. We put pressure on debtors to satisfy judgments through a combination of legal and practical tools, patience and determination.


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